Friday, December 3, 2010

Cardio Blitz - rest day

Today, thankfully, is a rest day. It is needed. Yesterday afternoon my knee started hurting. By the time I left work I was in serious pain. It was even tender to touch on the left side of the kneecap. So today is the perfect rest day and truly needed. I've been taking my arthritis medicine each day this week to prevent this type of thing from happening, but perhaps the stress of doing that much cardio each day was too much. I may need to adjust next week.

I used the stairmster 3 of the 4 days. I probably shouldn't use it that much. Hmmmm...will make changes next week.

Next week will also bring changes to my workout location. More on that later! I will say that I'm excited about the change!


Tameika said...

Are you on a prescription for the arthritis or just using OTC meds? Don't mean to pry. Just curious since I've noticed some tweaky-ness in my knees after a strenuous yoga session.

ernise said...

I have prescription medication for the arthritis. I noticed some problems about 2 years ago. The first doctor I went to gave me some OTC stuff that I could only purchase from him. It wasn't doing me any good and it was quite expensive. I finally found another doctor and she gave me an anti-inflammatory. I only take it as needed and it works great.

Tameika said...

Yeah I have an anti-inflammatory for my hip that I rarely take. The hip put me down for two weeks this summer but thankfully that issue is no more. Might mention the knee stuff during my physical to see what he suggests. Thanks!