Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting back to it!

Can I just tell you how ready I am to get back to running/walking?

It has been 3 full weeks since my ankle was swollen and I was sidelined.

This limited exercise has not been good for me. I'm missing moving of my own willpower. Biking is good, but I much prefer running/walking.

I think enough time has passed, and I've rested my ankle that I can ease back into it. Which I plan on doing come the 1st of the month. Of course, that is dependent on the weather. Rain is in the forecast starting tomorrow through next Wednesday so it may until then. We'll see...I'm just ready!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My left ankle began to swell this past Thursday. Over the course of the day, the pain increased steadily and I was unable to put weight on it. I took some Tylenol PM, elevated it, and went to sleep. It was not as swollen Friday AM, and I was able to stand on it with not as much pain.

I went to work, stayed off of it as much as possible. I iced it Friday afternoon and relaxed the evening away. It was still swollen on Saturday morning, but not as painful to touch. I decided to get it checked out anyway since I'm about to start some travel for work.

I was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis. Bummer. The symptoms listed on the linked website is exactly what I felt. I've been told to ice & rest my ankle. Therefore, no running/walking for the next few weeks. Actually, that is not so bad since I'm traveling for work over the next few weeks. Yes, I'll do a fair amount of walking (I'll be at a conference), but it won't be at a fast-pace, it'll be leisurely.

I've also been told to get some custom orthoctic inserts from my shoes. I know a few people who have those items, and they speak highly of them. So, I'll get those in the next few weeks.

Needless to say, I'm not going to reach my goal of 45 miles for April. I also may not reach my overall goal of 480 miles for the year. We'll see how well I rebound from this.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've talked about this before, walking is the easiest form of exercise one can do! No lie! It is!

Just put on some good walking shoes and start moving! They don't have to be fancy or expensive, just whatever is comfortable to the individual.

Today is National Start Walking Day promoted by the American Heart Association.

My employer sent an e-mail about an event today at noon promoting walking. The flyer stated to wear your tennis to work today, then walk to the capitol at noon for a group photo. The head baseball coach from LSU will speak and there will be a group photo. I'm in!

My office building is probably a half-mile from the capitol, but I want to at least get in 1 mile on the way there, so I'm going to take a circuitous route. I have a feeling not many people from my office area will participate. No matter! I'm doing it for my health!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

CCC 10K Recap

I was a participant in the Crescent City (New Orleans) Classic 10K this morning. This was my 2nd 10K this year and my pace today was slower than the first one. No matter, it was the completion that was most important! Right? :~) Of course!

From Healthy Every Day

I completed this race the same as the other one. My plan was to do this one the same way as the last:

run 3 km
walk 1 km
run 3 km
walk 1 km
run 2 km

It didn't quite workout like that due to the sheer number of people. From where I was in the pack, it took me 6 min. to get to the actual starting line. Once there, I really couldn't get a good running pace until well into the 2nd km. I probably should have just walked the 1st km. There was a lot of people and a lot of walkers. Nothing wrong with walking, but it was extremely hard to maneuver around them at times. I walk as well, but I move to the outer portions of the street so as not to be in the way.

The first time I did a 10K was the Peachtree (Atlanta) Road Race. One good thing about the Peachtree is they encourage the walkers to stay to one side of the roadway. The Crescent City organizers should do the same.

I think the slow start really prevented from keeping a good pace. The other 10K I did, in February, wasn't quite as crowded and it thinned out pretty fast.

Overall, I'm still excited about the finish! I mean, that is what it is all about! Finishing what I start and I did it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

3-month check-in

1/3 of the way through the year, and I'm at 116.19 miles. I should be at 120 miles, so I'm not doing too bad. Notice the short bar for February? Well, it was too hot of a month. I only logged 22.89 miles during that month.

I made up for some of those miles this month though by going 11 miles over the 40 miles I planned on doing. Hooray!

So, I'm well on my way to logging 480 miles for 2010. My goal for April is 45 miles. I have a lot of travel this month so I'm not sure if it'll be accomplished, but I will definitely try!