Monday, March 1, 2010


I didn't reach my monthly goal of 40 miles during the month of February.

As you can see, I only earned 22.8 miles. Not too bad considering February, to me, was a cruel month. I had a lot of personal stuff happen that really impeded my walking/running. Additionally, the weather didn't help. It was brutally cold here in the South and I just could bring myself to get out in it.

I'm happy with what I did, although it was all toward the end of the month.

Today begins a new month and I've recommitted to 40 miles for the month. I've already set a goal:

While I won't log any miles today (rain!), I will over the course of the week and Saturday will be topped off by a 5K. I'm also participating in another 5K later in the month. I have every intention of earning those 40 miles and possibly more!


Yum Yucky said...

okay, so I know you have your 40 mile standards 'n all, but heck! what you did is awesome.

ernise said...

Thanks, and I agree. I'm happy for my accomplishment during February. By no means am I slighting it, it just wasn't what I wanted. 'Tis okay, today is a new day/month!