Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't begin to explain how PUMPED I am about my race outcome this morning. Check this out:

Focus on the last 2 columns which offer my race time and average pace per mile! Do you SEE that!?!?!

I finished in 35:33! My average pace was 11:28 per mile! Whoa!

I've never been that fast before! I'm so fricking proud of myself!

I ran the first 2 km, walked 1/2 km, and ran the remaining 2.5 km.

For some reason, again, my Nike+ didn't start off right so it didn't record the full 5 km. It only got 4.63 km and it states I ran 11:53 per mile. Still not bad!


TxMarianne said...

What a fantastic accomplishment! Congratulations to you!

have2loseit4me said...

Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!

Congrats on that pace!

Superwoman Spirit said...

Way to go!! That is an awesome pace that I hope to get to someday :)
WOO HOO!!!!!!! Be proud so proud :)

ernise said...

thanks all!

Seth said...

Good job!

I Shall Lose said...

Greatttttttttttttt!! I know I am late, sorry. So awesome, a huge inspire me : )

tamikkarochelle said...

Yay, Ernise! This is fantastic.

ernise said...

Thanks again everyone!