Thursday, April 1, 2010


11 miles over my March goal of 40 miles! Hooray!


TeeTee_71 said...

Whoo!! Way to go!! What's the goal for April?

TxMarianne said...

That's great! I've never set a mile goal per month, but that sounds like fun. What did you start out doing? Just wondering where to start.

Anonymous said...


I started a walking goal thingie yesterday..... Hoping I can do as good as you!

ernise said...

April's goal is 45 miles. Didn't want to increase it too much as I will have a lot of travel this month.

Marianne - The first time I set a goal, it was 30 miles in 4 weeks and that was last year sometime. This is the first year, I've been consistent about setting a goal each month since I have set an overall goal of 480 miles for the year. I'm a little behind where I should be for the year, so I increased the mileage total for April.

You can do it Tina!