Sunday, April 11, 2010


My left ankle began to swell this past Thursday. Over the course of the day, the pain increased steadily and I was unable to put weight on it. I took some Tylenol PM, elevated it, and went to sleep. It was not as swollen Friday AM, and I was able to stand on it with not as much pain.

I went to work, stayed off of it as much as possible. I iced it Friday afternoon and relaxed the evening away. It was still swollen on Saturday morning, but not as painful to touch. I decided to get it checked out anyway since I'm about to start some travel for work.

I was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis. Bummer. The symptoms listed on the linked website is exactly what I felt. I've been told to ice & rest my ankle. Therefore, no running/walking for the next few weeks. Actually, that is not so bad since I'm traveling for work over the next few weeks. Yes, I'll do a fair amount of walking (I'll be at a conference), but it won't be at a fast-pace, it'll be leisurely.

I've also been told to get some custom orthoctic inserts from my shoes. I know a few people who have those items, and they speak highly of them. So, I'll get those in the next few weeks.

Needless to say, I'm not going to reach my goal of 45 miles for April. I also may not reach my overall goal of 480 miles for the year. We'll see how well I rebound from this.


TxMarianne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you get the rest you need and it heals quickly!

Seth said...

i know how it is to have a bum ankle. make sure that you keep up with the rest of your workouts though. It will pay huge dividends later.

ernise said...

Thanks guys!

Yes, I'm continuing the strength training. Don't want to get to lazy with the workouts.