Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Where do you park when approaching a store, building, or some other location? I tend to park in the first spot I see that is a distance away from the structure I'm seeking to adorn with my presence. Why? So that I can get extra steps. Parking close is not a priority for me. For one, most days I wear a pedometer. Even on days I don't wear the pedometer, I find that I park a distance away from the entrance.

Parking a distance away is so automatic that I don't limit to doing so when it is not just me. I don't take into account the others that in the car with me, unless it is my Mom*. Otherwise, I feel that folks can walk. Unfortunately, not all share my enthusiasm for parking a distance away from the entrance. Case in point, a few weeks ago I drove a friend and I too a restaurant for take-out. The parking lot was pretty full and there was someone walking to a vehicle. Instead of following or waiting to see where the person was going, I kept moving and parked at the end of the lot. As we exited the car and walked toward the building the car began to back out, my friend stated we should have waited. I made no response. In my mind, however, I'm thinking the time we would have waited on the person to pull out would have been wasted time.

That's my thought. Wasted time. The amount of time it takes for me to circle a parking lot looking for a close spot or waiting for someone to put their items in the care (if any) is wasted time. I could already be in the building with the amount of time I'm waiting! I dislike wasting time.

Basically, if I'm driving - expect to park and walk a distance.

How about you? Where do you park? Do you circle and circle and circle? Or do you park and walk?

Monday, August 30, 2010

8 more

I set a goal on August 7th to complete 40 miles in 4 weeks.

I'm 8 miles away!

I'm sure I can get those 8 miles in by Saturday. Of course, the weather plays a part. Let's hope the rain stays away. That's why I have not runs from the 16-21!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's walking and there's aerobic walking

I'm attending a convention this week. In fact, I've been here since Friday and there's been a lot of walking.

Walking to the convention center.
Walking in the convention center.
Walking to get something to eat.
Walking to various shops in the downtown area.

A lot of walking has been. Despite the oppressive heat & humidity, meaning folks are sweating while doing all of this walking, the walking is not aerobic.

Let me repeat, the walking is bot aerobic. It is not the type of walking that will lend itself to decreasing weight or offsetting a person's caloric intake.

The walking is casual. It is at a leisurely pace. People are strolling from one place to another, although the distance may be long.

I just overheard a lady state, "we don't have to worry about gaining weight with all of this walking." This was stated as she was downing a cupcake. Actually, you do.

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