Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's walking and there's aerobic walking

I'm attending a convention this week. In fact, I've been here since Friday and there's been a lot of walking.

Walking to the convention center.
Walking in the convention center.
Walking to get something to eat.
Walking to various shops in the downtown area.

A lot of walking has been. Despite the oppressive heat & humidity, meaning folks are sweating while doing all of this walking, the walking is not aerobic.

Let me repeat, the walking is bot aerobic. It is not the type of walking that will lend itself to decreasing weight or offsetting a person's caloric intake.

The walking is casual. It is at a leisurely pace. People are strolling from one place to another, although the distance may be long.

I just overheard a lady state, "we don't have to worry about gaining weight with all of this walking." This was stated as she was downing a cupcake. Actually, you do.

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