Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've talked about this before, walking is the easiest form of exercise one can do! No lie! It is!

Just put on some good walking shoes and start moving! They don't have to be fancy or expensive, just whatever is comfortable to the individual.

Today is National Start Walking Day promoted by the American Heart Association.

My employer sent an e-mail about an event today at noon promoting walking. The flyer stated to wear your tennis to work today, then walk to the capitol at noon for a group photo. The head baseball coach from LSU will speak and there will be a group photo. I'm in!

My office building is probably a half-mile from the capitol, but I want to at least get in 1 mile on the way there, so I'm going to take a circuitous route. I have a feeling not many people from my office area will participate. No matter! I'm doing it for my health!


Seth said...

you can multi-task like crazy while walking too.

ernise said...

Very true!

TeeTee_71 said...

Way 2 go!! Walk it girl!