Friday, December 31, 2010

Cardio Blitz - recap

So December has come to an end and I successfully achieved my goal of 40 minutes of cardio for at least 4 days per week. I did that for 5 weeks! Go me!

The first 2 weeks, I exercised in the morning prior to work, Monday through Thursday. I rested on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. I changed it up, not intentionally, during week 3. I did the normal AM workout Monday-Thursday for 40 minutes. I also added a Zumba class that Wednesday night, and on Saturday I ran to and from the gym and did a Zumba class. All in all, I got in 7 workouts of (on average) 40 minutes.

During week 4, my workout changed just slightly. I still got in the 4 days of 40 minutes, but my rest day came in the middle of the week. I exercised Monday-Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. I also did a run to and from the gym on that Friday.

This last week, I changed it up again. This, to me, was the most intense week (again unintentional) in that I did 4o minutes of cardio on Monday and followed that up with a boot camp class. Whew! It was quite intense and the soreness was major. I made it the gym the next day, Tuesday for 40 minutes, but needed to rest on Wednesday. I was back on Thursday and Friday (today) for a short session on the elliptical and another exercise class.

All in all, I'm really proud of myself and glad at what I accomplished:
  • 2 Zumba classes
  • 1 boot camp class
  • 1 HABIT class
  • running to and from the gym
  • engaging in group exercise classes
  • utilizing the treadmill
This was a good month! I'm looking forward to doing more in 2011 since the gym is so much closer to my house. That, I think, makes a world difference and will allow me to increase my workouts and offer diversity (more on that later).

So glad I ended 2010 in this manner.


singlema said...

Yay!! You did it!!

ernise said...

Yep! I sure did! :)