Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cardio Blitz - day 8 - 46 min

Living really close to the gym is AWESOME! I get there in no time less than 5 min. This morning I left home at 4:53 and I was there right at 4:57. I was able to go in and be on the machine about 5:02. I did the same routine as yesterday: 30 min + 3 min cool down on the elliptical and 10 min + 3 min cool down on the bike.

It is interesting how 5 or 10 min can make a difference. Because I'm there right at 5 am I'm on the machine about 2-3 min after 5:00. At the other gym I may or may not have arrived by 5 am, most of the time it was 5:05 which meant I wasn't on a machine until 5:10 or so. Those 10 min. make a BIG difference! I looked at the time when I finished the elliptical and it was about 5:35. I quickly moved to the bike and I was done by 5:50. Last week, at the other gym, I wasn't finishing my 40-46 min workout until 6 AM. I chalk it up to having to drive less distance.

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