Monday, December 20, 2010

Cardio Blitz - bonus day

I decided to get in an extra day of cardio over the weekend. As I stated before, I joined a new facility which is quite close to my house. It is so close that I can walk, run, or ride my bike. I debated about using my own power (not a car) to get there on Saturday morning, just to see the distance and time it would take me. I left it up to the weather on Saturday morning as to whether that would take place. It turned out to be pretty nice, so I set out to do a walk/run.

I needed to be there for 9:30 as that is the time the Zumba class I wanted to take began. Now, you may think I'm crazy to do a walk/run to the gym, do an hour Zumba class, then walk/run home, but that's what I aimed to do. And I did!

As you can see, from the images, the walk/run there took me just over 1 minute longer. I can only assume that was because I was engaging in exercise on the way to the gym on a cold body. Whereas on the way back, I had the walk/run, then a full hour of cardio so my body was warm and much more ready to move on its own power for the walk/run back.

My goal is to be able to run the entire distance to the gym in about 12 minutes. That will probably take some time since the only day I can really run to to the gym is on Saturday. It gets dark too early to do so during the week. In due time though!

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