Saturday, May 2, 2009

Water. Water. Water.

For me, water is a key part of staying healthy. When I drink water, I feel fuller, my skin looks better, and I feel hydrated. I do really good with drinking water during the work-week. I start by drinking about 24 oz early in the AM on my way to the gym and taking my vitamins. While at the gym, I drink more water. I would say that during work-week, I probably drink 40 oz of water by 7 AM. Pretty good, eh?

Once I get to work, I interrupt my water consumption with 12 oz of coffee. Then it is back to water. My 1 L water bottle sits right in front of me and I subconsciously sip on it all morning. Generally by noon, I've downed the entire bottle. It is refilled for the afternoon and the same thing happens. I sip all afternoon and I've downed it by the time I leave for the day.

At home, I'll drink may 1-2 more glasses or maybe 1 glass along with a soda. Basically during the work-week, I get in more than enough water each day (and yes, I have the dreaded too many trips to the bathroom -- the downside of water consumption).

Can you tell where this is going? Notice I've focused on the work-week. Yes, the weekends are a challenge. The days are mine to plan and they are quite fluid (no pun intended). That fluidity, most times, doesn't include the necessary water consumption, and generally by the end of the day I can tell. I'm extremely thirsty and water is the only satisfaction.

I'm determined to make a concerted effort to drink more water this weekend. I've started, thus far, by taking my vitamins (yeah, I don't always take them on the weekends) and drinking a full 1L of water. My water bottle is full and as I'm puttering around the house this morning I intend to carry it with me. I've got to do better. For my own sake.


Have2LoozIt said...

I can so relate to the water work everything is easier for me, eating and drinking the water. I pack my lunch and eat just that and drink water most of the day, however once I am home it all goes downhill. I will have to make a better effort to do the same at home as I do at work. Hopefully your weekend is going better with the water intake.


ernise said...

So far, so good! I'm keeping the water bottle with me, and trying to stay with it. It is still a struggle though.