Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faced it

I stepped on the scale at weigh-in and I'm up 3.6 pounds.

Was I happy about that? No.

Did I expect a gain? Yes.

Will it set me back? Absolutely not!

As I stated earlier, I have to face the scale each and every week. I won't know what I'm doing right or wrong if I don't.

So, let's examine what I did wrong:
  • roast beef, fried fish, fried chicken
  • no tracking
  • 2 sodas
  • cheesecake, chips
  • french fries
Here's what I did right:
  • drank water each day
  • limited coffee to 1 cup each day
  • exercised each work day
  • helped a friend move (some exercise)
While a 3.6 pound gain is surely not good, I'm not going to let it set me back. I'll get, I have gotten right back on track.

I had a great workout this AM at the gym. I've downed, at least, 40 oz of H2O thus far, and I've consumed healthy snacks (fruit). I'm also tracking. That, I know, is another key for me. If I put in my mouth, I must track it! Another plus, is my schedule should be pretty sane over the next week. This is the only day that I'll be out of the office and tempted to not stay on track.

All in all, I hope for a loss next week, not matter how small.


Foodie McBody said...

I was also up this week and know exactly why. (see my blog for details) It's good to know why we gained so we know what we can change. Good being aware!!

ernise said...

So true. We have to be accountable to ourselves!

bre said...

your blog is so real - thanks for this - I'm trying to break some habits as well and know it's about two steps ahead and one back and that it can be a fun little dance if you let it be ...

ernise said...

Thanks Bre. It can be difficult, but we must face reality if we are to be successful.