Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not a Competitor

There’s a meeting tomorrow in my building for a Biggest Loser competition. I’m not participating. I don’t’ believe in competing to lose weight. That is not what I’m about. I’m about living a healthy lifestyle.

While I applaud those who’ve lost weight on The Biggest Loser, I don’t think it’s realistic. I watched a few episodes a few years back and quickly became a bit disgusted with the show. Losing weight, to me, is not only a truly personal decision, but one that is quite emotional. The emotions displayed on that show (and other reality shows) doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not really impressed with the manner that is taken to losing weight on The Biggest Loser. Everyday persons don’t have the opportunity to do what they do on that show.

Yes, it takes support and encouragement, to lose weight which the participants gather from fellow contestants, a trainer, and a nutrition person (I think). The trainer that is constantly pushing them with various exercises and the nutrition person helps with selecting better foods.

What I don’t like is the banishment of a person that is just beginning to lose weight. I’ll admit, I’ve never watch an entire season of the show, but I am aware that individuals are sent home very early in the weight loss process. I think those persons are done a disservice. I’m not saying that those persons aren’t successful once they go home, but it is highly likely that they struggle and go back to their old ways. They have truly adopted a new lifestyle. I think that is my biggest issue: focusing on a number and not a lifestyle.

Back to the competition that will occur at my job. I have a strong feeling that many of the participants will do so for the competition, not to change their lifestyle. I’ve come to that conclusion based on the chatter that I’ve heard. They can see themselves making changes for 6, 8, or 12 weeks, but not long term. I’m not of that philosophy. Therefore, I know that I will not participate. I’m going to continue about my way with healthier eating and plenty of physical activity. I’ll also indulge, on occasion, but it will not defeat my overall person of being a healthier and fit person.

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