Friday, January 21, 2011

Only Rant

"Jason only completes 12 minutes of cardio."

"I only walked 1.5 miles."

"Maxine only bench pressed 50 pounds."

Sometimes the term only is self-depreciating or others use it in a depreciating manner when speaking about what someone else has done. meaning. Personally, I think that word should be banned or not used as such.

The example statements above are prime examples. Jason did 12 minutes of cardio! That's great for Jason. The term only makes it seem like 12 minutes is not a lot. It is depending on the person. That could be someone for whom 2 weeks ago 12 minutes seemed like an hour. One shouldn't assume that 12 minutes of cardio is not an accomplishment.

The other day someone said that a guy at my gym was only on the treadmill a short while. That's what prompted this post. I responded, but he's on there and that's what he can. That's what's important! He's making the effort (my mantra). He's at the gym most mornings and putting in his time to get healthy. One must admire that. Once I said my speil the other person agreed.

You see, it's not always about doing what you feel is the most. It is about the individual. One has to do what is safe and comfortable for them. Who am I to judge? I don't know what Jason, Maxine, Shawn, or anyone else for that matter can do. I only (used in a good way!) know how far I can push myself. I don't know about others. Yes, I can encourage, but that person knows what he/she can do. Therefore, I choose not demean what others can do by using the term only to describe what a person did. I choose to state exactly what that person did and see it as an accomplishment. I do so because it is an accomplishment!


Tameika said...

Wow! Did you write this for me? LOL I have a horrible habit of degrading any successes I have. I overuse the word only. I don't do it to necessarily self-deprecate. It's more to not be boastful if that makes sense. I'm proud of my accomplishments and have many more goals I want to smash, but I sometimes I feel like I don't use "only" or some other "lesser" word some folks will feel like I'm gloating. I know that sounds crazy but I've always had a hard time patting myself on the back especially publicly. I never want to seem prideful or arrogant. I appreciate your reminders in this post though to be proud of accomplishments and never self-deprecate.

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

You are right, getting there and doing it is half the battle, no matter what "it" is, atleast you are there and attempting something!