Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too much?

Recently my gym has decided to charge rental fees for lockers. Which is not something I'm opposed to paying if the price is reasonable.

Tall locker - $19/month or $228 for the year
Features a shelf at the top, a mirror on the door, a drawer, 3 hooks, and a shelf on the door

Short locker - $9/month or $60 for the year
Features 3 hooks

Am I crazy in seeing thinking that price for the tall locker is not a deal, but a rip-off?


Karen said...

Ummm is this just so you get to have your own locker that is always available or are there lockers available for anyone to use? I'd expect for the use of a locker to be included in the membership fee (which it is at my gym). I would definitely only get the cheap one though, I mean do you really need a mirror in your gym locker? Or a drawer? Is this so people can actually leave their stuff at the gym?

ernise said...

The locker is not included in the gym membership ($43/month), and it allows you to leave items at the gym. I prefer a locker because I go to the gym in the morning prior to work. Therefore, I shower and get dressed there. A locker allows me to leave towels, soap, and all of the accouterments needed without having to lug it in each day.