Saturday, January 2, 2010

40 miles

Thought I don't set resolutions, I do set goals for myself. I've decided to get 40 miles of walking/running for the month of January. That's less than 2 miles a day. Thinking about it that way makes it feasible since I generally try to get in 3 miles per walk. Of course, there will be some days that I can walk due to inclement weather or activities that I'm involved in. Overall, I think it is a goal that is attainable. I've connected by Nike+ account to twitter & facebook so that I can track my progress publicly.

I started today off with a 3.74 mile walk so I'm well on my way!


Dadshrinks said...

Awesome walk! I only WISH I was at the point where I could walk that long. And 40 in a month? Great stuff!

ernise said...

In due time! You are well on your way once you get those health issues out of the way.