Saturday, January 16, 2010

40 mile goal - halfway point

I set a goal back on January 2nd to run 40 miles in 4 weeks. This is the mid-way point and I'm at 23.6 miles. Nike+ states I'm 4.82 miles behind my target. I calculated that I need to do at least 2 miles each day for 11 days. Now I know that I can't do that each of those 11 days. For example, I have a conflict on Tuesday that will prevent me from running/walking that evening. Also, we never know about the weather. In fact, it is due to the extremely cold weather we had here the week of January 4th that prevented me from completing more runs/walks. 

I hope to get in 3-4 miles at some point tomorrow and also on Monday. tells me to expect rain Wednesday and possibly on Thursday. Sunny on Friday and rain against next weekend. I need to get in at least 10 miles over the next 7 days. Here's to hoping the weather cooperates.

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