Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's your motivation?

I'm at the point in my journey to being healthy that one could easily lose motivation. In fact, many people lose motivation at the very start. They go really good and hard for about 2 weeks and slip up. That slip up can lead to a downward spiral that takes them right back to where they started. It is unfortunate, but a lot of times if we take that wrong turn we think it is pointless to try to get back on the right road. So how does one keep it years into that journey? How does one continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle? I think it is important to have some sort of motivation.

Well, I have 2 motivators.

1. I want to live a long life. I basically outlined all of that in this post.
2. I never want to go back to this:

Yes, that's me back in 2004. Those were my favorite, favorite pair of jeans. I think they were a size 20 (or maybe 18). I still have those jeans and they are my motivation. Though I loved wearing those jeans, I never want to fit into them again. I keep them in my closet so that I see them each time I go in there. I see them catching dust and not being lovingly worn like my other jeans, pants, skirts, etc. They are just hanging out with nowhere to go, and that's the way I want to keep it!


Mandy said...

I love your motivation! Y'know I don't even HAVE any photos of me at my heaviest cos I was so upset by my looks. But I do have some clothes that are too big and I feel the same way about them that you do about your jeans :)

TeeTee_71 said...

You are so awesome!!! Unfortunately almost all my clothes I have still fit, but I think as I get smaller and the clothes will get bigger, I too will keep that one will remind me where I was and where I never want to be again!! Great post!

ernise said...

@Mandy - I have plenty of photos of me at my heaviest. I think because I didn't necessarily see myself as that heavy. In hindsight, I was. I was overweight (hmmm...that sounds like another blog post). Anywho, I'm not there anymore and I want to continue along the same vein that I am at the present.

@TeeTee_71 - In due time your clothes will become more and more loose. It was never my intention to keep one item, but I did and I'm glad I did! Whenever I would drop a size, I wouldn't let those bigger clothes go immediately (I guess it was fear that I wouldn't keep the weight off). Eventually, I did get rid of the larger size though - determined to never go back.

AthleteComes said...

Great, great motivators, thanks for sharing them with me.