Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liquid refreshment

During the month of August, I decided to go off of soda. That is not an easy task as that is what I would drink when I wanted something with taste. I like water and I don't have a problem drinking it, but every now and then you want something different. It is then that I would have a soda. Well, what was I to drink since I was going off soda? What was I going to drink that had a bit of taste to it?

Crystal Light Green Tea is what I drank. Yes, tea. Friends and family know that I'm not a big fan of tea, but the Crystal Light Green Tea, to me, didn't have that nutty tea taste. I've tried various teas in the past and didn't really care for them. At all. I had an opportunity to try the raspberry flavor of the Crystal Light Green Tea back in July when I visiting my Aunt in California. It was good! Finally, a tea that was extremely low in calories and caffeine. Yay! I purchased the little packets that you pour in a bottle of water and the larger powder that makes 2 quarts. I carried the small packets with me for when I was on the go and I had some in the fridge at all times.

I branched out last week and picked up the honey lemon flavor green tea. It was pretty good as well so now I have a little bit of variety. Give it a try! You may like it also!


Kyra (@KyraTX) said...

Those teas sound wonderful. I think I'll look for some at the store later today!

ernise said...

yes, they are good. enjoy!