Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deception doesn't equal Healthy

A few months ago there was a flyer in the breakroom about dropping 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes, magically. Huh? How's that? A week later I was out and a lady gave me a card advertising this amazing way to lose 3 sizes in a matter of minutes, magically. The image on the cord was of a corset and a tiny waist. Hmmm....something still didn't seem right.

Well, upon further review, that is NOT right. It is, to me, Deception (with a capital D!). The product, body magic (google it if you want to see) supposedly reshapes your body (like corset) to the figure that you want.

That can't be healthy.

Not only is it not healthy, it is deception. You are deceiving yourself and others. Does the body shape remain when the undergarment is taken off? I think not. So what's the point?

Additionally, what is it saying to young girls. That they have to be a certain shape to be attractive? Don't we get that enough with airbrushed models on magazines already? Why make it worse with this?

Personally, I'm grateful that I don't need such a garment. I'm comfortable in my own skin.


Fat[free]Me said...

Blimey, it is so old-fashioned! Welcome back the dark ages and those days when we wore corsets all the time. It is as if the 60s never happened. Very sad indeed.

Now, if they did them in leather...

ernise said...

Exactly, back to the dark ages is an accurate term.

LOL @ if they did them in leather. Understood and it need only be worn for a short period of time w/in the company of an admiring gentleman. ;~>