Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stomach Shrinking

I feel like I'm channeling Yum Yucky with this title, but I think she's right when she speaks of stomach shrinking! Over the past 2 days, my dinners have consisted of appetizer portions at restaurants and they have totally caused me to feel extremely full. I don't think they were extremely large appetizer portions, but more than enough for me. Amazing. Change happens with healthy habits.


Tameika said...

I SO agree with this. I think "typical" meal portions, especially when dining out, are supersized. Our stomachs had just stretched and adapted to them. Now that we're eating better and more intuitively our stomachs have snapped back to their original portion. So enjoy the smaller portions and more money staying in your pocket. I know I am!

ernise said...

Definitely enjoying the smaller portions and $$ in my pocket!

Yum Yucky said...

Ever since I stopped eating whole wheat bagels in the morning, my morning appetite has decreased. A small bowl of oatmeal or some fruit will do me just fine, thank you. hehe