Thursday, November 12, 2009

So very sore

Although it has been quite awhile since I last posted in this space, I'm still around and still doing my thing. Trying to eat healthy every day and be an active person. Well, yesterday I was so active that I'm really feeling it today! Here's what I did:

  • 3.2 mile walk (really dislike that I can't post from anymore
Then I head to the gym for a leg workout:
  • Warm-up
  • Squats
  • Romanian dead-lifts
  • Lunges
  • Leg-press & calf-press - 1 set of leg press then a set of calf-press
  • Abs
  • Stretch
For each of the exercises with weights, I did 6 super-sets, increasing the weight by 5-10 pounds with each set and decreasing the number of reps with each set. It looks like this:

Set 1: 65 lbs, 8 reps
Set 2: 75 lbs, 7 reps
Set 3: 80 lbs, 6 reps
Set 4: 80 lbs, 6 reps
Set 5: 75 lbs, 7 reps
Set 6: 65 lbs, 10 reps

I rested for 90 sections between sets.

I alternated the lunges with the Romanian dead-lifts doing 10 reps of lunges.

Oh.My.Goodness. I am extremely sore today! So sore that I'm walking slowly, sitting & standing gingerly, and stretching throughout the day.

Despite the soreness, I made it to the gym this AM for more abs and 25 min. of interval cardio on the stairmaster.

I'm feeling the burn!

ETA: I forgot to mention that I'm only taking the stairs at work-that's 3 floors up and 3 floors down. Plus whenever I have to go anywhere in the building, I take the stars. So far today, I've gone up & down 10 flights of stairs (3 more will be added when I head home for the day). Despite the soreness, I'm pushing forward. I also plan on getting in a 2-3 mile walk this evening when I take my nephew to soccer practice. Not letting the soreness stop me!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I saw your comment and had to come over and see what you are up to! Wow - you are really dedicated to working out and exercise. Congratulations on that!!

I hope you have a great weekend!

ernise said...

Thanks much! I have to get to each & every day!