Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weigh in

Diva on a Diet posted on twitter today that she didn't know what to expect on the scale since she wasn't weighing each day.


Personally, I don't weigh-in each day. To me, that is entirely too much pressure. Watching the numbers go up & down depending on what happened the day before (if weigh-in is in the AM) or the course of the day (if weigh-in is in the PM) is just too much for me. I only weigh-in at my WW meeting. Doing so allows for consistency in the scale that I use, and the time is generally the same each week.

One thing that I never know, until I get on the scale, is what number will appear. I can't predict that I will have a gain/loss based on how I ate or the amount of exercise that I did. I can't because it seems that on those weeks when I am totally on program, drink a fair amount of water each day, get in at least 5 days of exercise, and keep track of everything - I may only lose .5 or even have a gain. Conversely, when I do the opposite or the minimum in the days leading up to a weigh-in I may have a huge loss. In essence, it is totally random.

Therefore for me, I only weigh in one day a week. How about you?


RunningLarge said...

I weigh in everyday. Or at least most days. Sometimes morning and evening.
It helps me sort out what kinds of behaviour/eating sabotage my weight loss. Salt, even moderate amounts, is a no-no for me. Figured that one out. I'm getting suspicious about gluten. So when I combine it with food tracking, it's a good idea.

ernise said...

Gosh, that would be too much for me.

I also realize that each person is different and needs to be held accountable in their own way.

Fat[free]Me said...

Just once a week mostly, occasionally I sneak a peek inbetween if I particularly want to, but generally I would rather wait for the weekly weigh-in.

I see so many people getting stressed by weighing daily, and even weekly, I sometimes think monthly would be most sensible, but that would give us too many opportunites to stray, lol!

RunningLarge said...

The once-a-week was working for me until I went back to work and was having wild weight swings. Turns out being back to work and off a more structured diet was causing these random swings that were salt related.

So I do it when weekly is showing me the results that I expect. Not all the time.

ernise said...

Wow, I'm just the opposite...when I'm off work, my eating habits tend to be off plan. I do better when I am at work.

Just goes to show that getting healthy will vary from one person to the next. Nothing is absolute!