Thursday, June 11, 2009

Staying accountable, up 2.8

This has been a crazy week and the next 2 weeks will be the same. I've not been following the program to a T, but that is to be expected right? We can't be perfect and we make mistakes. I think we would all be Stepford Wives if we were all perfect, and how boring would that be?

I missed my weigh-in yesterday do to an event, but I didn't want to not weigh. So I went to another location and I'm 2.8 pounds. I'm not upset in the least about that development. Why you ask? Well, off the scale successes are just as great. I've definitely lost inches because my size 12 pants don't feel quite as tight as they did 2 months ago and my size 14 pants are really loose. Hooray for successes that aren't tied to the scale!


Carrie said...

oh COMPLETELY agree!! I haven't lost weight in over a month -- but I was able to buy smaller pants for the first time yesterday in years... it was a HUGE accomplishment!!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! You're body takes on new shapes as the weight comes off. The scale is not the only measurement of weight loss success!