Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changing it up

I've been really bored with my workouts lately. So bored, that I haven't been doing much weight training at all. I've always like weight training, but I haven't really been into this year at all. Therefore, I need to change it up. Starting this week I'm going to switch to 3 days of weight training in the morning, 2 days of cardio in the morning (the elliptical or bike), and 3-4 days of running outside.

I really need to get back into serious weight training as I think it helps with the running. I recently read an article in Fitness magazine where a lady training for a marathon incorporated weight training to build her upper body strength for endurance during the marathon. I never thought about that! Reading her training for the marathon helped me to realize the importance of weight training in my overall routine, not that I didn't know it wasn't important, but I just wasn't focused or into.

I have a 10K I'm participating in next month, 5 weeks away. I have the opportunity to really make a difference if I focus over the next 5 weeks. That's my goal. To really focus.


Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

You can do it, Ernise!

I'm trying to stick to a weight training program, too. I don't know why I find it so hard to get into a routine with that because I really do like it!

ernise said...

We must help each other out! I'm going to try to post my progress as I know it will help.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Tameika said...

I truly believe weight training has seriously improved my running. Best of luck to you! I hope you find a program that's interesting and vigorous enough to help you reach your goals. Best of luck!

keyalus said...

I think weights help a lot for the average runner. My upper body is strong and I think I do pretty well for someone who does not have a slim runners body and has not been running for a very long time.

Maybe some good videos or a class will help shake it up? I know I hate doing weights at the gym alone. I like home weights videos or classes though. Circuit Training is also a lot less boring than doing your standard 8-12 reps of a bunch of different exercises.

ernise said...

Good to know that others co-sign weight training assist with the running. Just reinforces what I read the other day!