Monday, October 12, 2009

What's your routine?

One day my nephew asked me, "Auntie, why do you come home and immediately make your lunch? Why don't you rest a little while and do that later?"

He's right. I come straight home and prepare my lunch & snacks for the next day. Then I immediately unpack my gym bag and repack it for the next day. My answer to my nephew was that if I do it as soon as I get home, then I'll have more time to rest later. I don't have to worry about doing it at 8:30 or later and pushing back the time that I want to go to bed. Basically, it is not a task that I have to do later.

Doing so keeps me on my toes and insures that I am going to make the gym the next day and eat healthy throughout the day.

What's your routine? How do you keep yourself accountable?


Fat[free]Me said...

I do the same, lol! I find routine to be essential. I write it down and once it is written down, then I have to stick to it.

If I have less decisions to make, then life is easier!

Mandy said...

This is how I stay on top of things, too! If I have the GOOD food choices ready to go I have NO excuse to eat something else! Smart!