Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you

I'm of the mindset that one should figure out what works for you and do just that!

Yes, there are many guides out there about weight loss, living a healthy lifestyle, and this that & the other. However, one person's panacea is another's worst nightmare. Therefore, find what works and stick to it.

Last week I was listening to a radio show where the guest was talking about how she lost 146 lbs in her year to renewal. One of the tips she gave was to eat every 2 hours and drink water. Water, she stated, not water w/ Crystal Light added to it. <--Those are the kinds of things I'm talking about when I say that's not everyone's panacea.

If someone needs Crystal Light added to the water, so be it! That's what that person needs and only that person knows what works for them.

When I'm asked what my "diet" is the first thing I state is that "I'm not on a diet." (I don't like that word). I'll then tell them what works for me, stressing that what I'm stating is for me. I encourage them to explore and determine what works for them. To me, the key is finding a comfortable plan that one can maintain.

Yes, I lost the majority of the weight following Weight Watchers. It worked for me because I had a variety of foods to select from, basically what I was already eating. I just changed how I was eating. I found out what would work for me.

The key to me is doing you.