Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walking Break

I, along with 2-3 co-workers, take walks during the workday. We try to walk 1 mile at 10 am and 2 pm. Eight times around the 2nd floor of our building is 1 mile and the goal is to do in 15 minutes. That doesn't always happen and that is okay. We are making the effort and that is the most important thing. We are getting in activity during the day and the walk breaks up the day. For me, it gives one more bit of activity and it gets my juices flowing in my brain and throughout my body.

One young lady started with us, but lately she has been complaining that she is overwhelmed and doesn't have time. She is stressed and there is not enough time for her to do what she needs to do and take a 15-min. walking break. I guess you may think the rest of us are slackers because we take the break. In actuality we have just as much to do, but the walking break is a plus. For me, it sometimes helps to provide clarity. If I'm working on a task that is a bit daunting or causing a problem, the 15-min. break away from the task is sometimes just what I need. When I get back to my desk, I'm able to revisit the issue and generally resolve it quickly. I'm not the only one that thinks that as one of the other ladies has stated that as well.

We can't, for some reason, get her to understand that or even try. She complains about how active I am (I post my daily workout and step-count on Facebook) and she doesn't understand how I get it all in. Well, I make it a part of my day. It is on my daily to do list, as TeeTee_71 stated the other day on her blog, herself is her most prized possession! I couldn't agree more and I make taking care of self something I do daily.

One way I do so are the walking breaks during the day.

So here are the walks I've done over the past few days:


supaladie said...

I think it is wonderful that you and your co-workers get together and do this. This is awesome!!! I wish that my co-workers would do this with me, but they complain that they have too much work. Oh well!!!

Where are you getting the trackers from? Nike iPod?

ernise said...

I do wish the one lady that complains would join us. There is a chance that she would be much more productive if she did.

Yes, I use Nike+iPod to track my walking and I sync with the Nike+ website. The current version of the site allows you to download your walks to post on your website/blog. Nike+ has a new beta site, but I don't see that functionality. :( I hope they add it to the new one. For the time being, I'm still using the old site.